What is The Highest Flyer?

The Highest Flyer, or THF, is a consulting agency intended for those who want to elevate the quality of their travels. With the guidance and support of an industry expert — who knows how to maximize the opportunities airlines, hotels, and banks provide customers — the trips of your dreams become realities, all at a fractions of what you might expect to pay. Some of The Highest Flyer‘s clients save more than $20,000 per trip; inquire today to start flying higher! Sessions start at $150.

Fly higher!

Click here to check out The Highest Flyer‘s companion site, The Higher Flyer, for news, advice, and information regarding the world of miles and points. The Beginner’s Guide, which is accessible with a click here, explains how miles and points can be leveraged so that you can afford to travel in the lap of luxury, or “fly higher.”

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